I’m passionate about a lot of things, and creativity is a big part of my life. From writing and producing TV shows, documentary films and interactive websites, to creating and organizing cross-country musical tours, singing on cruise ships and producing a series of animated shorts for kids, there’s never been a dull moment!
2015 was a big year for me! I completed my first novel, Pursuit of the Golden Lily; travelled to Southeast Asia to donate my father’s WWII diary to a war museum in Thailand (his diary inspired the novel); visited the place of my birth, Kuala Lumpur and won a Suncoast Emmy Award for writing and producing WGCU’s Curious Kids segment – What is a watershed?
I’ve been writing, producing and directing WGCU Public Media’s award-winning Curious Kids TV show since 2010. I’m happy to say that I’m currently working on a new Curious Kids show for December 2016. As a singer/songwriter I’ve recorded four children’s CD’s, performed concerts across North America and had my songs featured on television shows and in movies. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to coalesce my creative facets into a professional career that I am proud of. I feel very privileged.
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